Gingrich campaigns in… Norway

After a stumbling start to his presidential campaign, to say the least, Newt Gingrich has been experiencing an uptick in the polls lately. So much, in fact, that there’s speculation about the former Speaker moving into the top tier, when – and if – Herman Cain’s support dwindles.

With that as a backdrop, one would assume that Gingrich is doing the necessary groundwork to pull of an upset in one of the early states. The Iowa caucuses is just some 50 days away.

But, if Gingrich is indeed a serious contender, then why is he taking the time to speak via video link to a Presidential Election Kick-Off event in Oslo, Norway?

He is, and here’s the program details:

This story will be updated. Gingrich will speak within the hour (approximately 2 PM Eastern).

Newt is on:

He tells the crowd that he went to Norway two years ago, and that he took the Hurtigruten cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes with his wife Callista.

“Romney has been campaigning now for more than five years.” Good news = 21%. Bad news = 21%.

About the slow periods of his campaign: “People are not inclined to write checks to dead people.”

Mentions, Strong America Now, Lean Six Sigma. No surprise there.

He opens up for questions, then opens a can of soda right next to the computer’s microphone. And the crowd laughs.

Taken out of context, on blondes: “I don’t know how long you have been out of the U.S., but we do have American blondes.”

On the war in Iraq: We’re losing the war, and Iran is stronger now than they were prior to 2003.

Bashes the American VISA system (I got my press-VISA today, no problems, but not exactly cheap).

Question from the audience: “Does the U.S. have anything to learn from Europe?”

“Oh sure.” Crowd laughs. “Some good things and some bad things.”

Bad: “Bureacratization.”

I didn’t catch the good part.

Also: America is better at assimilating people than Europe.

“I favor the repeal of ObamaCare.”

His staff let’s him know that he only has time for one more question: “They wonder why I’m talking to Norway instead of Iowa.”

“This has been a great experiment! … Thank you!”

That’s a wrap.


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