The Bachmann incident

Michele Bachmann on the set of Fox News Sunday, August 14, 2011. Photo: Are Tågvold Flaten.

Last Sunday, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann had a Sunday show blitz after her win in the Ames straw poll, appearing on all five Sunday shows. I was in Iowa covering the straw poll for – a Norwegian website about American politics. My hotel was only a few minutes’ drive away from the campus of Iowa State University, where Bachmann would be conducting most of her interviews. I showed up with my camera, hoping to take a few pictures, and to ask Bachmann a few questions. One of her body guards didn’t like me at all.

On Wednesday, Politico did a story on a recurring pattern, with the title Michele Bachmann’s bouncers: Unnecessary roughness. I was interviewed in the article about my experience last Sunday morning (Slate and The Atlantic also did a short story). Read it, and come back. Continue reading