Gingrich campaigns in… Norway

After a stumbling start to his presidential campaign, to say the least, Newt Gingrich has been experiencing an uptick in the polls lately. So much, in fact, that there’s speculation about the former Speaker moving into the top tier, when – and if – Herman Cain’s support dwindles.

With that as a backdrop, one would assume that Gingrich is doing the necessary groundwork to pull of an upset in one of the early states. The Iowa caucuses is just some 50 days away.

But, if Gingrich is indeed a serious contender, then why is he taking the time to speak via video link to a Presidential Election Kick-Off event in Oslo, Norway? Continue reading


The Bachmann incident

Michele Bachmann on the set of Fox News Sunday, August 14, 2011. Photo: Are Tågvold Flaten.

Last Sunday, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann had a Sunday show blitz after her win in the Ames straw poll, appearing on all five Sunday shows. I was in Iowa covering the straw poll for – a Norwegian website about American politics. My hotel was only a few minutes’ drive away from the campus of Iowa State University, where Bachmann would be conducting most of her interviews. I showed up with my camera, hoping to take a few pictures, and to ask Bachmann a few questions. One of her body guards didn’t like me at all.

On Wednesday, Politico did a story on a recurring pattern, with the title Michele Bachmann’s bouncers: Unnecessary roughness. I was interviewed in the article about my experience last Sunday morning (Slate and The Atlantic also did a short story). Read it, and come back. Continue reading